Learn. Throw.

Jack Dagger teaches you the four steps of knife throwing and busts some myths



Finally, a video you can actually watch and learn from. Sure, there are plenty of throwing videos out there, but what is great about this one is the simplicity. This is one video you can watch, follow along, and be sticking knives with accuracy. Jack makes it so simple you will be throwing and sticking knives before you are even done watching the video. As a huge plus, he includes a section on how to correct common mistakes.


If Conan O'Brien can learn the Jack Dagger Method in less than five minutes on live television, you can, too! Jack teaches knife throwing as a fun, safe, confidence-building exercise for students of all ages. This video will guide you step-by-step, from choosing a throwing knife, through the basics that will get you hitting the target, to the details that will help you fine-tune your throwing to gain consistency and accuracy from any distance. Jack Dagger has also been seen on More Extreme Marksmen, Bones, Monk, You Don't Mess With The Zohan, and in TV Guide and People Magazines.



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